CalAmp Telematics Suite

for Connected Asset Management

The CalAmp Telematics Suite enables companies to manage a diverse set of assets, including vehicles, equipment, and packages anywhere and at any time with one common application. Its modules provide companies with a customizable tracking and data insight solution built to make operations more visible and efficient.


Comprehensive View

A strategic shift in managing a diverse set of assets, whether individually or as a group, from a single screen or any web-connected device regardless of location

Connected Workforce

Unlock greater work efficiencies with insight into real-time utilization and performance data enabling better communication, driver behavior and routing

Integrated Supply Chain

With a new view into operations, companies can manage every touch point from origin to warehouse to in-transit to destination for a complete picture of their business

CalAmp Telematics Suite Modules

Asset And Equipment Tracking

A module providing visibility into equipment and fleet activity, utilization and predictive maintenance with cumulative engine hours and AEMP data feeds.

Accident Management

A module that fully automates the accident notification process by providing users with rapid and reliable notification that an accident has occurred.

Device Management

A module that provides convenient over the air (OTA) remote device administration and updates while proactively monitoring device health and utilization.

Fleet Management

A module designed to help you leverage telematics to accomplish more work with your fleet with greater efficiency and lower costs..

Government Fleet Management

An AVL module that is fully-integrated with Esri ArcGIS to deliver real-time visibility and actionable information, from physical location to operating status.

ELD and Hours of Service Compliance

A powerful, easy-to-use Hours of Service (HOS) module compliant with U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations.

Supply Chain Monitoring and Compliance

A combined module and monitoring service providing real-time visibility, actionable alerts and risk assessment based on your business rules for a clear chain of custody and regulatory compliance.

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