Reliable Real-Time Vehicle GPS Tracking 

Protecting your business requires a dependable end-to-end solution. If you’re a vehicle finance company, Buy-Here-Pay-Here dealer or credit union, you can reduce your risks while boosting business using CalAmp's LenderOutlook vehicle finance solution.

We understand that no automotive business is the same. With LenderOutlook, you can customize a flexible and reliable collateral assurance solution that is just right for you. 

From industry-leading devices with multiple options to fit each loan, LenderOutlook supports your portfolio of mixed vehicles and loans.

Industry Leader
CalAmp is the largest aftermarket vehicle telematics device maker, with more than 6.5 million connected vehicles

Customize and Scale
Meet your specific business needs with multiple options that integrate seamlessly with existing loan management software
Increase Loans, Decrease Risk
Broaden your range of applicants and offer more financing with confidence
Protect Your Assets
Get anytime, anywhere access to reliable information on your portfolio
Lend with confidence today. Learn more!
Why CalAmp?
Know Where, No Matter Where

LenderOutlook protects your loan portfolio before a vehicle leaves the lot with location validation reporting. With real-time alert notifications for suspecting tampering, towing, sitting in an impound lot or possibly involved in a crash, you can reduce the risk of costly recovery and impound fees.